Lawn Care Service in Norwood, NJ


We happily provide lawn care service in Norwood NJ. We also provide landscaping and hardscaping services as well as commercial snow removal services in Norwood, NJ.

Norwood is one of our favorite local places to work. It's 5 minutes from our shop and one of the main towns where we already proudly service many local residences and businesses.

Couple the friendly atmosphere with the warm and humble people, it's no surprise that we plan to service Norwood for the foreseeable future.

Our professional team is experienced and prepared to handle all of your landscaping and hardscaping needs. Whether you need guidance on maintaining your lawn or help with a large outdoor project our team is here to help. We will help you design, install and maintain your new outdoor landscape in a long lasting and worry free manner. We have a 100% quality guarantee on all landscape and hardscape projects. No project is too big or too small and every job is done with care. We are experts in drainage mitigation and outdoor living space construction. At Lawn Escapes we also offer full 3d image rendering for projects so you can see your project before it happens!

For new lawn maintenance clients, after we asses your property we advise you on the proper landscape maintenance program that works best for your property. Each client receives a custom tailored program to fit their property needs. When it comes to landscaping, we know 2 different properties can have very different needs. We will recommend a program for you that highlights your property's attributes and utilizes your budget in the most efficient manner without wasting money on services that will not work for your property.