Why Organic Lawn Maintenance?

Whats All The Hype?

Organic lawn Maintenance has many short term and long term benefits. Although a little more expensive at first, repeated organic lawn care can result in saving money and reducing applications of chemicals, fertilizers, and seed.

How it Works:

Organic methods of feeding a lawn or garden rely on building the soil conditions with organic matter such as manure, compost and organic fertilizers, and working with fungi and live organisms to create a better “living” environment for your grass, flowers, trees, shrubs or vegetables. Over the years the soil will build up in organic matter and need less and less applications of fertilizer, compost, manure, or chemicals as well as reduced aerations, thatching, ect.

Synthetic methods of fertilizing a lawn or garden rely on giving the grass, flowers, trees, shrubs, or garden an immediate and short lived boost of nutrients. Although this method of fertilizing can be effective and often shows quicker immediate results, it ultimately damages the soil conditions and live organisms requiring more fertilization, seeding, aeration, thatching, and overall maintenance. Many people choose this option for one of two reasons. 1.They want to save money – Organic methods are more costly upfront. 2. Their landscaper doesn’t offer organic care methods or has never spoken to their clients about the benefits organic care methods can offer.

Reduced Chemicals:

Organic methods of lawn & yard care cause beneficial insects and bacteria to flourish in your yard. These insects and bacteria will eat harmful insects and bacteria which means less applications of chemical pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides.

Health Benefits:

Synthetic fertilizers and chemicals are harmful to children, adults, and pets. Although your yard may look good after these applications, we often don’t consider the harmful side effects it has on our loved ones. Many people today are learning the benefits of organic care methods and choosing to stay away from harmful and ultimately more costly lawn care methods.


After years of building up your soil using organic methods, you may not need to fertilize your lawn multiple times a year. The easiest way to explain why, is because unlike synthetic fertilizers, which absorb and disipate within weeks-months after application, organic fertilizing causes the soil conditions and natural fertilizers in the soil to build up and store nutrients to be released for years to come.

Contact your Landscaping Company and ask them about organic alternatives for your lawn & yard care.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this informative blog about lawn maintenance. I completely agree with the organic technique of lawn care as we know that synthetic methods are very harmful. But still there are people who follow this synthetic method. It is really a point of concern for lawn care be it commercial lawn care or corporate one we should follow the basic organic methods.

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